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For those who can’t  physically train with a Body Plus trainer we offer SKYPE training. This is the ultimate in the “portable trainer” concept.

                                          SKYPE TRAINING

We also offer the option of computer SKYPE Training for the ultimate in distance one on one training. You can see the trainer and the trainer can literally see you and your form and correct any mistakes you are making.

Basically all you need is a computer with Internet access and a web cam.

Next just aim your web cam at the area you are going to workout in.

You will see the trainer and he or she will see you, now you are ready for a one on one training session as if the trainer were right there with you correcting your form and motivating you in real-time

                                         PHONE TRAINING

Simply put on your speaker phone or portable headset on and bring us right in the gym, home, hotel, or anywhere else you might be working out. We will talk you through rep by rep your entire workout without anyone even knowing you have a trainer in your ear. We have been training clients like this for years with tremendous results.

By studying the exercise techniques on this web site you will be brought up to speed on proper form (you will constantly be reminded with verbal cues from the trainer anyway to keep you safe).

Now all you need is the motivation to workout with the right intensity to see results, our trainer will give you this.


If either of these training methods interest you contact us for more information.

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